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Dell TrueMobile 350 internal Bluetooth Module

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This is a Bluetooth module by Ricoh and it works out of the box when you have the Linux Bluetooth subsystem compiled in your kernel. I also did this:

apt-get install bluez-utils

to install the BlueZ bluetooth utils. To check if your adapter works:

hcitool dev

should give something like:

        hci0    00:10:C6:5A:CC:E8

It took me sometime to find out how to attach my Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard (Human Interface Devices, HID). The trick is to edit /etc/default/bluez-utils and tutn on HIDD_ENABLED. After you restart the bluez-utils you can scan for HID devices:

# /etc/init.d/bluez-utils restart
# hidd --search
# hidd --show
00:50:F2:E7:19:D6 HID Boot Device [045e:007b] connected [boot-protocol]
00:50:F2:E6:05:7B HID Boot Device [045e:007c] connected [boot-protocol]


Sweet, when I boot my laptop and press a key or move my mouse, the devices automagically connect! On M$ Windows I have to press the connect button under my keyboard and enter a pin code for pairing.

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Intel Media Accelerator 900 Graphics (1920×1200!)

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* WPG2 Plugin Not Validated *This one’s a pain in the ass! If you settle for a 1600×1200 resolution, just use my kernelconfig (or build your own, make sure you have CONFIG_AGP=y/m and CONFIG_AGP_INTEL=y/m), install a X server (I’ve tried XFree and, both work) and select i810 as your driver.

Here’s my X-Config (updated on 20/04/2005)

But why settle for 1600×1200 when you have WUXGA capable of 1920×1200?

After long nights of googling around, I’ve found this page: This guy modified a VBIOS hack for the 855 chipset and now it works for the 915GM chipset. You can download his tar file, or just download the source file and compile it yourself:

gcc -s -Wall 915resolution.c -o /usr/sbin/915resolution

Create a simple start-up script in your init.d directory and link it to a runlevel in /etc/rc?.d :

/usr/bin/915resolution 5c 1920 1200
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